Title: Pieces of Darkness Are Pieces of Gold
Lyrics: Pieces of Darkness
Genre: Ambient pop/rock
Release: 8/1 2012
Buy: CDbaby, iTunes, eMusic

My songs usually belong to a sad category – not pressing, not tearful – just a thoughtful sadness. I suppose I like sad. “It’s happy for deep people.” (Sally Sparrow from Doctor Who, third season, the Blink episode). Don’t know about deep necessarily, but it’s happy for thoughtful people.
Sometimes (or quite often, actually) I envy people who can make happy music. The kind of music that makes you want to throw your cloth and shoes and dance through your flat stark naked. Anyway, I don’t make music like that.

It’s like sad music speaks to me. I just know how it’s going to be before I do it (pouting base, melancholic piano, weeping angel choirs – life doesn’t get better than that…) I know what it feels like. So, I guess I’ll never make happy music, unless it’s sad music pretending to be happy or happy music pretending to be sad which doesn’t really make it happy in the first place…

Then came “Pieces of Darkness” which nails it down completely. No thought or song has ever come out clearer, for me anyway. “Pieces of Darkness are Pieces of Gold” or as the Doctor Who team puts it “It’s happy for deep people”. But my “Pieces of Darkness” evolved long before I heard that phrase (I just couldn’t help smiling when I heard their version). It’s one of those songs I’ve played 150 times or more before facing the studio. And it’s one of those times it sort of grew and exceeded my expectations.

Pictures from Grövelsjön where we recorded the dripping water.

I took a brake from the song for a couple of years and it’s not until now that Nicko and I finally added his vocals, the electric guitar and some “real” drums. The “old” drums are quite fun if you care to examine them. In the background is the dripping from the ceiling in a Lapp cot from Dalarna (Grövelsjön to be exact, don’t have the coordinates though, downer if you expected that kind of exactness). On top of the dripping I’ve recorded a bracelet, finger cymbals, claves, a triangle and some vocal s and sh sounds. A whole new audience appeared – turns out my cats love the drums (I secretly suspect the s and sh sounds). They come running as soon as I play it. I also went to see a girlfriend and her cats seemed almost as interested. I must from now on keep in mind to satisfy my cat audience too – who would have thought it?

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