Another year has past and we thank you all for the support during the year! A lot of new friends and fans have found their way to the blog and I’m confident you will find it interesting to stick around. Now lets take a look at the numbers you’ve produced and the demographics of our listeners.

During 2012 the popularity of the blog has more the doubled compared to 2011. A major contributing factor to this is Anneli’s concept posts about songwriting. During the month of December we hit an all time high when the song “Dreams” was released.

Blog statistics awstatsUnique visitors shows the number of unique visitors per month. If you for example visited the blog in early January and returned here 3 times during the same month, you’ve inflicted this value by +1.

Number of vistits shows all visits by one visitor. If you for example visited the blog in January and at the earliest returned one hour later, you’ve inflicted this value by +2.

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