When I started writing lyrics some 15 years ago I used to write several lyrics a week and it pretty much didn’t matter to me where I was. Back then I resented the idea of altering anything afterwards. It kind of felt like cheating. To me the lyrics became a snapshot of that moment in time. I can still read some of the lyrics and travel back in time to that exact moment. Writing back then was also a practice in English. The over 1000 lyrics served their purpose. Most of them silly and romantic and something I’d never show a living soul, but they brought me here.

Somewhere along the way things changed. Nowadays I save good phrases on my mobile or recorded sequences. Later when I feel inspired I take them out and sometimes they become a whole song. Now it’s a process. I like to write parts, then rewrite again and find the perfect match, the perfect sounds and the perfect words. It makes me think of Tomas Tranströmer, famous Swedish poet. For every collection of poems he writes hundreds of pages filled with words, just to find the prefect ones. Then the writing becomes a handcraft. Perhaps I have less time to actually sit and think and write now. But quite a bit of time to think – like when going home from work,  cleaning up or cutting the grass. My writing takes longer and the few projects I do take my time to work on takes longer, but I like the crafted result. I try to enjoy the process, even if it’s challenging at times.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that I never do snapshots anymore. VIVs are one type of snapshot. And sometimes you get into the flow and inspiration runs high. Sometimes.

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