And so it happened that Nicko spent part of Friday evening and Saturday noon trying out a new melody on the guitar and I suddenly said: “I’m in a philosophical mood.” What better to do than to compose a new song in such cases? Some buns, a cup of tea and coffee later we were hard at it.

The guitar melody had a slightly sad or melancholic touch and we decided the song would be about cherish another person, not necessarily a love song, but a very caring and appreciating song. I thought about the greeting phrase in James Cameron’s Avatar “I see you” and we both felt that could be something. Like finally seeing another person and realizing how much you appreciate this person. The song became “I See You Now” and I’ve added the full lyrics to

This is highly unusual though to find us side by side composing and writing lyrics together. One nice rare occasion for all to enjoy so to allow all of you to join us we decided to leave the camera on. Here is one clip from when we started out and one clip of the result so far. Of course it will take a while longer to actually produce a ready track, but that’s a different story altogether!

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