Who we are

Meet Enchanted Duo.

Gotta surrender is the new collection of poetry and music from Enchanted Duo 🇸🇪, a New Age and Fantasy infused band 🎸. Gotta surrender is the first chapter of the mystery project W.

Formed in 2007 Enchanted Duo consists of:

Anneli von Knorring, author, composer, singer, producer and engineer, was one of the first foreigners to sing on a Malayalam movie soundtrack.

Nikolaus von Knorring, composer, singer, guitarist, producer and engineer, with his roots in metal, played and sang from early age in the band Poseidon.

And yes, they are married.

Evanescere, was self-released 2020, containing the 148 pages poetry collection along with recorded poetry, the song Ephemeral and a mediation.

In 2017 they self-released their second full-length album Explorers, where they blend rock and electronic music. Including the popular ”Come petrichor”, exploring values and how they change as we grow.

Meet Anneli.

Transcendent fantasy author Anneli von Knorring here presents a follow-up channelled collection of nature magic, tales and poetry that may provoke, enchant or intrigue readers. Are you ready to explore what dwells in the shadows?

Anneli made her debut as an author in 2016 with Sagan on Trollsjön, but her more extensive poetry collection Evanescere was released in 2020. About Evanescere Anneli says: “I love stories. It’s a relaxed way of saying something important.”

Gotta surrender is a continuation of the concept introduced with Evanescere. A way to combine the world of stories with the world of music.