Releasing a song isn’t only about composing the song, rehearsing and recording the song, arranging it, mixing it and… done? Nope, it doesn’t quite stop there. Back in the days it was all about creating and selling records (well, for some it still is… but we independent artists try to keep pace with development). As many of you have noticed the way we buy and appreciate music has altered radically with the web, mp3 players and the new generation of mobile phones with services like iTunes and Spotify.

When it comes to art works it’s no longer about developing it for that one record with 12 or 15 songs. Now you create the art works for each song. I have to admit I kind of like that. It means that you can match the feeling and the atmosphere of the song in your art works design. Lovely! But you have no idea how difficult!

There’s a new song coming up any day now from Enchanted Duo and why not take a look at the way to the right art works? (I wrote the song some years back and started on it then, but haven’t finished it until now. That’s why you see my name on some of the first art works…)

1. Cheap Bollywood with a cat?

What was I going for again? Cheap Bollywood with a cat? I swear it was not nearly as colourfull when I put it together in my mind. Then I was going for something a bit more spiritual, darker and with a touch of mother Mary.
This… well, disaster!

2. Flowers are pretty, but it’s not Mozart…

It’s beautiful of course, but what are you thinking? Ah, it must be some classical music! Mozart, Bach or Vivaldi? Sorry, no, not quite…

3. It is beautiful, but I kind of think of Celine Dion

I really like this piece of art works and in a way it really does reflect the spirit of the music for which it was made.
It’s just that it reminds me of the art works for Celine Dion’s “The Color Of My Love”. Cute, but I don’t like to be a copy cat…

4. Nature again… softy soft soft… aaand lame…

You know, I tried to spice it up with the transparent faces (which just makes it look even more B), but it just doesn’t gives the edge that I was looking for. I thought the sprakling ice drops would illustrate the pieces of gold, but frakly it’s just boring.

5. Funny, why not go for something funny instead?

I can’t help loving this one, even if it’s not the art works for this song. In any case it got some of my dry and twisted humor and I smile when I look at the butterfly toungs!
Maybe on the right track, but still a bit off! Let’s do one more!

6. And then, bingo! Dark, creative and it leaves you wondering

Had I known from the start I only had to draw a few lines I could have just done that…
The song is creatively arranged and with the darkness present in lyrics, music and melody. The art works reflects this in a neat and simple way. I love it!

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