White drum kit in an old room

I recently bought myself a decent drum kit. Something to bang on when I get into the mode. The sound is brutal because of the room where I’ve placed it. Maybe I’ll get back to “the room” and how it affects the sound in a future blog post.

I never owned a drum kit myself, only a snare drum. But from the various bands I’ve been in I have had the opportunity to play around with drum kits to learn a few beats. At one time I actually played a gig with the band Diktator as a drummer.

There’s quite a few drum kits on the market being offered to a reasonable price. I think that has to do with the technology change and a change of the sound ideal. Today you see electronic drum kits and pads in many home studios and churches etc. The sound level is easier to control and you need no big setup to record it. Also there’s generally a broader acceptance for the “electronic sound”, where drum programing has become an alternative to acoustic drums.

To me any played drums need to be rehersed well until they are to be recorded. While drum programing is more like creating a simple pattern and then make it sound better. I do think it’s sometimes helpful to be able to think as a drummer.

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