Häggfestival – Dreams

This is one of those songs that you first record then learn how to play live. Trying to match the melody and rhythm guitar all at once. Earlier this year we played this song on the livekarusellen tour, only with an electric-guitar. This time it’s all acoustic and sounds even more scaled back. I think the song has a bit of nerve that comes out quiet beautifully in the video.

Låt – Gustav II Adolfs kärleksbrev

Gustav II Adolfs kärleksbrev coverartTitle: Gustav II Adolfs kärleksbrev
Genre: Folk/Acoustic/Singer/Songwriter
Lyrics: Gustav II Adolfs kärleksbrev
Available On: SoundCloudSpotify
Mastered by: Digitalfabriken, Tomas Ferngren
Released: 14/2 2016


Låten är baserad på ett kärleksbrev från kung Gustav II Adolf till hovdamen Ebba Brahe. Texten har vi bearbetat något och gjort egen tonsättning till. Men det var ett tag sedan. Allt detta gjorde vi 2013 i samband med att vi fått förfrågan om att framträda med låten på Fläckebo hembygdsförenings 100-årsfirande. I samband med planeringen inför firandet växte idéerna fram om att även inkludera rörelser och handling. Bygden vart väldigt engagerad och det hela mynnade ut i ett lustspel med ett 15-tal deltagare regisserat av Elisabeth de Wilde. Det var bara att börja odla ut skägg, eftersom jag skulle vara Gustav. Anneli spelade Ebba.

Tanken har alltid funnits på att föreviga låten på något sätt, genom att spela in den eller kanske få ner den på notskrift. Vem vet vad några knäppgökar kan få för sig om ytterligare 100 år eller så. Men av olika anledningar kom andra saker emellan, bland annat vår lilltjej Ebba. Det var först två år senare som vi fick anledning att plocka fram låten igen när Annelis bror skulle gifta sig. Utöver de sedvanliga bröllopstalen kände vi att det kunde vara kul att bjuda på något lite annorlunda – varför inte en rätt udda kärlekstext från 1600-talet? Många tycktes gilla det vi gjorde och tyckte att vi skulle ge ut låten. Därför tillägnar vi nu Annelis bror och hans fru den här inspelning av Gustav II Adolfs kärleksbrev.

Song – Come Petrichor

Here is the new song “Come Petrichor”. I’ve written so much about it in my previous post that anything I put here will just feel like a repetition. It feels great that it’s finally finished! We’ve been working on it for quite some time. You remember the first glimpse you had in the video installation week and that’s kind of where it started to become a song. Have fun listening!


Title: Come Petrichor
Genre: Rock/Ambient/Electronic/Doom
Lyrics: Come Petrichor
Available On: SoundCloud, Spotify
Mastered by: Digitalfabriken, Tomas Ferngren
Released: 28/12 2015

Song – A Rock For A Heart

Our music is going through something of a rebirth. I like it! I think we are more and more finding our style. And honestly, it hasn’t been this much fun to make music for quite a while.

“A Rock For A Heart” is a song that I wrote in 2009 actually, but I haven’t really had the courage to record until now. I’ve just had the idea about blending punk drums and an electronic touch. So here it is, a quite dark song if you listen to the lyrics, with a blend of punk, rock, ambient and electronic.

A friend of ours, Niklas Winde, has made an electronic remix of the song. Taking the electronic touch a lot further. We work in very different ways, but it has been a broadening experience for all of us to work together. More about Niklas in another blog post!

On the subject of crazy ideas and having fun. I was considering what to shoot for the cover art for ages. Then I came up with the idea of muddy arms and a rock dipped in mud (a lovely blend of soil and water). In black and white the rock actually looks like a real heart. A little gross, I agree, but quite a bit rock ‘n roll.


Title: A Rock For A Heart
Genre: Punk/Rock/Ambient/Electronic
Lyrics: A Rock For A Heart
Available On: SoundCloud, Spotify
Remix: Electronic remix by Niklas Winde
Released: 20/8 2015

Songwriting patchwork

There’s not just one way of writing songs and as time flies you discover new ways. For quite a while now I’ve been using my smart phone for capturing new ideas. Sometimes even a whole song with piano or guitar. Just so we can listen again later.

The latest is to import these clips directly into Cubase and (when needed cut them up to fit the beat were it decided afterwards). This way you get a draft to improve gradually. And you can work on the song wherever you are. Below is the draft vocals for the bridge on our new project.

Song – I See You Now

Our new song is finally finished and released (today!). We hope you’ll like it!

It’s a cosy and meditative song with Indian influences (mainly the drums), creative guitars, soft vocals and a rock inspired bridge (just because we couldn’t resist the urge… Especially when we came up with the melody, lyrics and the guitar for it).

As some of you will remember we wrote the song in front of the camera and you can watch the process on youtube:

I-See-You-Now_cover2wTitle: I See You Now
Genre: Pop/Rock
Lyrics: I See You Now
Available On:  Spotify, Rhapsody, iTunes, CdBaby
Released: 7/6 2014