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Häggfestival – Dreams

This is one of those songs that you first record then learn how to play live. Trying to match the melody and rhythm guitar all at once. Earlier this year we played this song on the livekarusellen tour, only with an electric-guitar. This time it’s all acoustic and sounds even more scaled back. I think the song has a bit of nerve that comes out quiet beautifully in the video.

Häggfestival (Bird Cherry Festival)

In Sweden spring is magic. I imagine this isn’t unique for Sweden, but in fact for all countries in the same temperature zone. After a long and dark winter the light returns and with it comes all leaves, flowers and greenery. The world comes back to life again. Magic.

One of the early blossoms are Bird Cherry (hägg in Swedish) and we have them in abundance in our garden. I think we’ve talked about a Hägg Festival before (well, not on the blog obviously) just joking around.

Last weekend we had well over 20 degrees celsius and summer, which had as eager and starting to plan for our very own Häggfestival. This weekend we we’re determined, even with nearly freezing degrees, wind, a bit of rain and farming in the background. Oh, well, it’s never going to be perfect anyway!

I suppose I imagine it would be just us, Bird cherries, spring and music… Four ingedients we both happen to love. We still hope you will enjoy our Häggfestival 2016!

Passing The 50k Mark

Just recently we passed 50 000 views on our Youtube channel. It has been active since 2006 and I would say that we were considered early adopters, at least in Sweden. Not many bands had their own channel at that time.  Part of the situation was caused by the fact that you had to acquire a license from the copyright collecting societies for every site you’d like to upload your music to, if you were to follow the terms and agreements strictly.  The situation was a gray zone and therefore we worked slightly anonymous by uploading the videos from a user account named “holymolydoly”. The username is still stuck in our url, not very handy for branding, but there you have the story anyway. A lot has happened since then and today every musician use Youtube as their no1 video site, even uploading covers and everyone think it’s fine. You could say the outsider has become mainstream. Or maybe it’s all wrong to recall Youtube as an outsider, because before here was nothing.

The most viewed video from our channel is this indie style video of our song “I See You Now” with more then 17000 views.

Fairly popular is the video from the video installation week.

Song – Come Petrichor

Here is the new song “Come Petrichor”. I’ve written so much about it in my previous post that anything I put here will just feel like a repetition. It feels great that it’s finally finished! We’ve been working on it for quite some time. You remember the first glimpse you had in the video installation week and that’s kind of where it started to become a song. Have fun listening!


Title: Come Petrichor
Genre: Rock/Ambient/Electronic/Doom
Lyrics: Come Petrichor
Available On: SoundCloud, Spotify
Mastered by: Digitalfabriken, Tomas Ferngren
Released: 28/12 2015

Petrichor and I

I love learning new words. When I bumped into petrichor I just knew we were meant for one another. I just didn’t know how exactly. It all started with Neil Gaiman, famous author, writing an episode for the Doctor Who series called “The Doctor’s Wife”. It is a favorite episode for many more reasons than petrichor (Scrapyard at the end of the universe, Iris as the Tardis, “Did you wish really hard?”).

When I got the meaning of petrichor (the smell of the first drops of rain touching the soil) I knew it was the one word my vocabulary was missing. I don’t think there’s an equivalent in Swedish. I didn’t know there was a word for that magical smell at all! I’ve loved that smell since I was a child. And as it turns out I’m not alone. In fact there’s a scientific explanation to petrichor. The smell consists of two things which during rain are released into the air: A secrete oil from some plants and chemicals produced by bacteria in the soil.

2015-08-25 16.14.30

Something like a couple of years passed (who keeps track anyway?). Then I sat and wrote the lyrics for “Come Petrichor”. It wasn’t easy and I was determined to rewrite until I was completely satisfied. A few months later I started putting the music together and something like doom ambient worked it’s way out. I still wasn’t convinced it would be good. (That’s when it made it to the video installation week. I thought at least I can use it for that).

I finished the structure of the song and the vocals and handed it over to Nicko. When the guitars were added I just knew it was one of the best songs we’ve ever written and arranged. Even Nicko said: “I didn’t think we could top “A Rock For A Heart”, but I think we just did”.

2015-08-25 16.13.30-1I love the apocalyptic doom feeling. I love the rock meets electronic ambient. I love the dark and muddy lyrics that breaths of a past and a future. I miss the fact that I tried to make it clear it was a fig tree in the lyrics, but eventually was forced to cut it out (too many syllables…). But right now it doesn’t matter. Right now it’s everything I love from a song and it’s even got a peak moment right after the bridge.

Well, dear readers, that’s my petrichor for you. I could never hope that you love it as I do, but I sure hope you’ll enjoy listening to it! So look out for our new song, it’s coming really soon!