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Our Lyrics

You might have noticed the new link in the menu. Yes, we’ve moved them here – the lyrics to our songs. 

Earlier you could find them on our separate site called Lyrisk. To us it became too much of a hassle to add lyrics to the site with it’s not so user friendly interface. Therefore some of the lyrics to our latest songs never got added. I even saw in the website statistics searches targeting lyrics I knew weren’t there **shame**. 

If there’s lyrics you’ve been missing you should have a look now since we’ve added the ones we found missing. One thing about the old site that I think some of you appreciated though was that sometimes you could find lyrics to songs that were not yet released. We’ll see how to go about that in the future.

What’s a VIV?

As you might have noticed our picture gallery has taken a complete new form and we’ve been eagerly experimenting lately. That’s how it happened actually and the VIV came about. It stands for Vocal Improvised Video: VIV, pronounced /vɪv/.

So apart from the name, which gives a clue, but isn’t that specific, a VIV is:

  • An improvised vocal verse (new lyrics and melody).
  • Captured in a 15 seconds video clip (preferably filming something which the lyrics relate to).

In a way it’s a form of poem for the digital world. Adjusted to the Instagram feed.

I’ve been recording bits and pieces on the phone for a while and pretty much jumped with joy when I realized I could turn these verses of the moment into VIVs instead. Like a video diary of poems. I hope you will enjoy watching and listening! Who knows, maybe there are others out there who would love to make some VIVs too.

Winter Bride (part 1/3)

Ett filmklipp publicerat av Enchanted Duo (@enchantedduo)

A little something to cheer you up after a rough day! And then of course, it IS Friday today 🙂

Ett filmklipp publicerat av Enchanted Duo (@enchantedduo)

Blog in blog

We’ve made some changes to the photos page here on the blog. The page has included the giging Enchanted Duo but there’s so much more going on then just gigs and shows. We believe it will be much more fun to show you what is going on rather than what has happened, and also to preview what is coming up. This is not exactly a new topic on our blog since we’ve been keeping you up to date in blog posts. Instead it’s more like a microblog updated on the spur of the moment. Have a look at the feed.

Apart from being available here on the blog you can also follow the feed on Instagram.

Screen Instagram Feed

Domain problems

Yesterday you were probably met by a message from ICANN instead of our blog. Due to a new ICANN policy every domain owner has to verify/update contact information on registered domain names periodically. Some confusion emerged about the process resulting in being locked down for a day or so. Everything should be ok now.

ICANN domain verification message

Minor issues

We’ve recently had some crashes on a few modules in wordpress related to the caching of the site. Now after removing this monster the contact form and event manager is up and running again. We’ll  be looking into some gzip compression to hopefully reduce some pageload on your browser.

Check out the slide!

After some co-working Nicko and I have managed to add a slider as a header to

We’re thinking that this will be a great way to show you what’s going on and link each image to relevant blog posts. We hope you like it!

Updates on the design

We are, or perhaps I mainly, working on the new design for enchanted

I’m quite pleased with the color scheme. I’ve decided to use the Preference Lite theme by Styles Themes. It offers a good variety of customization features and limits the code changes a lot! There’s still some challenges ahead, but it looks alright at the moment. So hopefully no major disturbances ahead!

I’ve had some nice inspiration from the simplicity of 70’s graphic and I just love how the orange and the different shades of light blue get along.

I created the background of hexi shapes (set on repeat it even makes a nice desktop wallpaper):


Time for some maintenance!

A few months ago Nicko and I worked on the name of the blog and tried to slim the category a bit. What content we want to keep is an ongoing process and we have new ideas all the time. The blog has been up now since late December 2010 and we’re learning more and more all the time. The design has remained the same more or less the whole time.

I have been itching to get started on some new design, but couldn’t really think of what. Until a couple of days ago. I want to keep the same color scheme with a few additions. I want the forest and the nature that is a great source of inspiration to us. I want a piece of wild and untamed, I want creativity and I want it to be fun. Not an easy task…

The WordPress updates are always a bit of a pain (you never know what will stop working and so on, however well you prepare – this pretty much goes for most systems I’m afraid…) But it’s high time and why not do a facial at the same time? I’ve been browsing some themes, but haven’t quite decided what I prefer.

So, how does this affect you? I mean, apart from a new exciting design to look forward to. During the update there will probably be some disturbance. We’re sorry for this, but it’s inevitable.

New name, new profile, same Enchanted Duo

A couple of weeks ago Nikolaus and I decided to shape up the blog a little with a new name and description. Just a try to narrow our field a bit. The new name is:

Enchanted Duo – A Voice From The Indie Forest

It was in December that I and Nikolaus were out walking in the forest. I don’t remember the particulars, but for some reason I said “in the forest” and Nikolaus thought I said “Indie Forest”. We began to speculate over the actual meaning of Indie Forest and decided it must be where we are: independent artists, creators, publishers and much more. Over the years we have tried a lot and failed a lot and some things worked out quite well. In our blog we get a chance to share a little bit of all of this, ergo, a voice from the Indie Forest.

Then I tell you, we had some good laughs while working on the new description! And why not? It should be fun shouldn’t it? Here it is:

From emo to demo, from daydreams to IRL
– join, be inspired and participate as well.

That’s how it is creating and the blog will (hopefully) inspire, you get a chance to participate in for example remix projects and why not join in?

And last but not least, how about an illustration of a voice from the Indie Forest? Does it look like this? Our do you have a better suggestion?