Petrichor – Video Installation Week (7/7)

I like hiking and we have some nice grounds with forest near the house. These shots are from that area, or rather the outskirts. The not so nice parts, but there’s something a little apocalyptic about it that goes well with the music. The music is new, an embryo called “Come Petrichor” that I’ve just gotten started with. We’ll see if it will be finished and released someday. In any case I just think the pictures show petrichor in an intriguing way.

Come petrichor

the color of my blood

the aching bleeding scars

wet soil soothes the heart.

Come petrichor

fresh roots tear their way

through the cleansing dark

from my buried past.

This is also the last of our video installations for now. We hope you have enjoyed this slightly unusual (for us anyway) project. There’s been pieces of the past, there’s been poetic moments, some humor, art and music from both the past and the future.

Autumn – Video Installation Week (5/7)

This video is a blend of a wonderful snapshot I got in 2010 when we enjoyed a particularly beautiful autumn in Sweden and an unpublished song from the archive called “All I Earn Is Madness”. The lyrics are about the games people play and how fooled you are in the beginning before you learn the rules (well, you might still be fooled, but you’d recognize it sooner with experience). The song as a whole turned out a bit dull for my taste, but the chorus is nice and jazzy.

In all it’s seriousness and thoughtfullness this video also has some crazy sense of humor. I wonder if anyone will notice.

Mermaid – Video Installation Week (4/7)

Shooting a body of water from the boat almost certainly comes out well. The variety of the water and the speed of the boat makes every clip interesting. We have a lot of them! When choosing which one to make an installation out of, a fork of the river in Borneo along with the song Mermaid became our choice.

Alone – Video Installation Week (3/7)

This contribution, called “Alone” in English, is filmed, edited and produced by Linn Rydahl. The music is from one of my songs: “Unguarded”. The song has never been officially released, not sure why. Maybe someday.

This video is more of a short film and I’m proud to have it featured in our video installation week.

Bat Circling Me – Video Installation Week (2/7)

When you’re out on a expedition or safariing you often have expectations of what animals you’re going to see. The most sought-afters or just the unexpected. Common for those perfect moments are that they seam to appear out of nowhere, like this bat did when entering a grove in the Borneo mountains.

It’s hard not to love bats (especially when knowing they eat one bucket mosquitoes each every night). If you want someone to tell you that he/she loves you or just chill down, here’s a bonus clip.

Rain Drops – Video Installation Week (1/7)

To try new things is how you grow, but it’s also how you discover new ways and things you didn’t know you would like doing. This week Enchanted Duo is trying out video installations. Well, we’ve already tried, but this week we will publish them for you to see. I was surprised to find that I really liked making them. And I could possibly make some more when I feel for it. It feels freer than making a music video. Here our music is merely an inspiration and a part of a whole.

Starting out is a video clip we caught last summer during some heavy rains. It’s the rain drops falling from the roof. The music is a glimpse of our next song “A Rock For A Heart”.

What’s a VIV?

As you might have noticed our picture gallery has taken a complete new form and we’ve been eagerly experimenting lately. That’s how it happened actually and the VIV came about. It stands for Vocal Improvised Video: VIV, pronounced /vɪv/.

So apart from the name, which gives a clue, but isn’t that specific, a VIV is:

  • An improvised vocal verse (new lyrics and melody).
  • Captured in a 15 seconds video clip (preferably filming something which the lyrics relate to).

In a way it’s a form of poem for the digital world. Adjusted to the Instagram feed.

I’ve been recording bits and pieces on the phone for a while and pretty much jumped with joy when I realized I could turn these verses of the moment into VIVs instead. Like a video diary of poems. I hope you will enjoy watching and listening! Who knows, maybe there are others out there who would love to make some VIVs too.

Winter Bride (part 1/3)

Ett filmklipp publicerat av Enchanted Duo (@enchantedduo)

A little something to cheer you up after a rough day! And then of course, it IS Friday today 🙂

Ett filmklipp publicerat av Enchanted Duo (@enchantedduo)

Jul igen

Då var det jul igen. Det känns som om året bara har flugit förbi. Vi tänkte göra ett nytt försök med de julsånger som vi inte hann spela in förra året. Och jag hoppas att jag inte stöter mig med Billy Butt och Sölve Rydell för att jag efter ett års grubblande har skrivit om texten till “Julen är här”. Det är en ganska bra text, lite julflummig och vag sådär. Jag gillar användandet av ordet stjärnor och den tjusiga symboliken. MEN, så kommer sista raden i bryggan och sänker hela låter (enligt min mening). Ledsen, men i min ganska kritiska lingvistiska hjärna är det helt klart bättre att inte rimma alls än att fuskrimma om man nu inte kommer på något bra. Den här gången fick jag dock till ett riktigt rim istället för fuskrimmet. Därför blir det (med mina ändringar i fet stil):

Ge oss av den frid som rår

i stjärnornas förunderliga värld.

Led oss på den väg vi går,

en tröstande hand på vår färd.

Jag hoppas att Billy och Sölve och alla våra fans gillar förbättringen. God jul och gott nytt år från Enchanted Duo!