The latest addition to the studio is a pair of AKG 271 MK II headphones. We’ve had the same problem with all of our older headphones and I think it’s the aging plastics. If you can’t even move a bit without producing a creaking sound it’s not fun when listening to the recorded material.

There are generally three different types of headphones that are suitable for the studio, closed, open or semi-open. In our case we use headphones to record acoustic sound sources like vocals and acoustic guitar. Therefore the headphones have to be closed, otherwise the sound would leak into the microphone. Open and semi-open headphones are more pleasant for long time use since they “breath” and are by many preferred while mixing.

I usually mix with the sound played back from the monitors but from time to time I check the mix in the headphones. I do so because some effects like reverb and delay appears to be more detailed when listening through the headphones.

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