Lyric and music: Anneli Rydahl

It’s when you ask her
how she’s doing
it’s like she doesn’t really knows
and does it matter if she doesn’t?
And when she’s smiling
diamonds sparkle
and the world might stop spinning
just for a moment or so…


She’s a very special angel
with that special kind of glow
she’ll shine all through
all through the night
oho, shine
all through the night

And when you wish
upon a star
there she’ll be to grant your wish
soon you’ll know the star was in her eyes
And with a wave
of her hand
she’ll make the world
a better place to live in…

Repeat Chorus

Angel oh angel
angel oh angel
miracles you send
Angel oh angel
angel oh angel
in our dreams you’ll send a star

Repeat Chorus

Last Modified: November 1, 2016