Lyrics and music: Anneli Rydahl

I’ve often felt that
if anyone would understand
it would be you
you seemed to have big
dreams yourself
what failed you to reach there?
you seemed to be so strong
so convinced and yet
you’re still here…


And me, I’m looking for a way
somewhere to reach out (ooo)
I need to fly away
to reach high to feel free
see my wings can take me far
if you’d only let me
that’s all I know
deep in my heart
all I need to know

I’ve often wondered
if you’re not bitter
somewhere inside
you told me though
you felt no such thing
at all
although I think that
I might have
if I were you

Repeat Chorus

All I need to know
all I need to know
all I need to know

Last Modified: November 1, 2016