Music & Lyrics by Anneli Rydahl

It’s saturday night
I’m walking down the street
feeling down and alone
oh, I should have known
life don’t come easy
it’s a fight you know

Taking the train
to some place
where I’d be free
seeing the lights turnin’ blue
knowing this is it
Honey, I’m home


Welcome to the City of Rain
welcome to my corner
the Lonely club and
the sadest orchestra
you’ve ever heard
welcome to the City of Rain
welcome to the City of Rain

Here I spend
every saturday night
with my friends
listening to the tones
of the sadest blues
makes me feel relieved

Repeat Chorus

4 am they close the doors
with the dawning light
and it’s time to go home
sleeping on the train
feelin’ relieved
it’s still in my dreams

Repeat Chorus

Last Modified: November 1, 2016