Anneli Rydahl

Time to leave
and the sun sets
behind a proud forest
I will stop
to wonder ’bout
life and it’s curious quest


I’ve gone lost
and I’ve gone home
still amazed
I can do all that
in the same room
I’ve come lost
and I’ve come home
I was still
in the same room

Hungry voice
and dinner’s done
finished, eaten, gone
If I drop
the plates maybe
tomorrow will never come

Repeat Chorus

nd somewhere
on a shore burns
the last rays of light
I wanted
to be there but
I couldn’t come before the night

Repeat Chorus

My time has
come at last but
I hide in my big room
hoping you’ll
go away
please just go away soon
go away I cry
I don’t wanna be
your fancy groom

Repeat Chorus

Last Modified: November 1, 2016