Anneli Rydahl

She was never a goddess,
royal or even aristocratic.
Protecting the wild flowers,
caring for the forest spirit.
She saw him strolling in the woods,
felt her own heart raise the speed.
She would long for him,
endure the pain and fade away…


Love, love and wings to fly,
to gaze into your eyes and know.
Spin, spin and spin around,
to share your world, to feel your breath.
Love, love and wings to fly,
cocky clouds and dreams to ride.

He never ever saw her,
preoccupied and too important.
Took everything for granted,
knowing he was a good shot.
Higher powers thought a lesson was
needed and bound his heart to love.
He’d sit by the spring
adoring his newfound beloved face…

Repeat Chorus

They cursed him to fall in love
with the one hi couldn’t kiss,
with the one he couldn’t hold,
with the one he couldn’t feel.
But the question remains
if the lesson was ever learnt.

Repeat Chorus

Last Modified: November 1, 2016