Memories are stubborn
never do they leave you
quite faitful they do seem too
But wanting when compared to
the times I’ve had with you
and the times still to come

A quiet home of our own
with a leaking ceiling
an old worn kind of feeling
The rooms are filled with laughter
smiles, fun times and sunshine
there’s more still to come

Maybe we’ll have kids too
stubborn like our memories
and dreamers like ourselves
We’ll try our utmost to
not brake those precious dreams but
when protective we’re bound to

And when we’re old we’ll praise
the days and ways of old times
like everyone before us
We’ll drink tea with biscuits
pet our cats’ whiskers
remembering times that we’ve had

Memories are stubborn
quite faitful they do seem too
‘coz never do they leave you
But time changes them and
nowadays they deceive you
but you’ll believe them anyway


Last Modified: November 1, 2016