Lyrics and music: Nikolaus von Knorring

So much talked about
So much visited
(I’ve been there)
So much more to be explored
So much listening
(Hear what I say)
Sometimes catching it
(I don’t, I don’t understand)
Sometimes not getting it


Using all you skills
to master the situation
Telling with your words
Showing with your body
Using all your skills
to master the communication

Sometimes they don’t know
(And I’ve had enough)
Sometimes try to hide
Reformulating words
Sometimes they are duped
(They think of something else…)
So they don’t know
(…and they don’t understand what I mean)
And you don’t show

Listening to their talk
Catching the red line
Meant or not
to be understood
Getting the language
form both sides
Uniting with a foreign world

And so
Shades of oblivion are lifting
I can finally understand you
The words are coming through
Not just a fish in my ear
Whispering words only I can hear

Repeat Chorus

Last Modified: November 1, 2016