Anneli Rydahl


You’re just a puppy on my knee
and I don’t know what you’ve been through
’coz you don’t speak
Your eyes tell me of a world
so different from mine but still
I don’t understand
You’re not sure if you can trust me
and how can you know I haven’t
told you my name

But you know it’s easy oh so easy to trust
but it hurts to the bones when
you don’t
Even easier to love someone
deeply devotedly
as I love you
And you know the thing ‘bout love
you never have to

Repeat Chorus

I decided once to never speak again
coz my words brought only
I decided not to sing anymore
coz all my songs sounded
the same
And I decided not to hear anymore
coz we speak of all that’s

Repeat Chorus

I don’t pretend to be wise or anything,
but a few things
I’ve learnt
And never say no to anyone
just tell them
you can’t
And never say yes to anyone
just tell them
you’ll try

Last Modified: November 1, 2016