I expect you know this wonderful song from Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel, and if you don’t I urge you to check out what you’ve missed. It’s one of the songs I grew up with.

I love the line “Hello darkness my old friend…” and I tend to extract it from the rest of the song. To me it’s my creative darkness. A room where time stands still or at least from where the rest of the world is shut out. It’s not to mix up with a paralyzing darkness; the dark pit without hope or spirit. No, this is more like a womb where the unborn child grows. A place blessed with endless and amazing opportunities and possibilities. Only the mind draws the limit. And when creating I need a limitless universe of my own. This room or universe is all in my mind.

Usually music or perhaps a strong emotion makes me tap into my creativeness. The moment the words are flowing it’s just me and my sheet, which Nicko can confirm… (trying to talk to me at moments like this is rather useless…)

I know many associate dark with something depressing. To me dark is calming and to keep impressions from the colorful world around me away makes me see the colors in my mind. That is when I see what I want to express most clearly.

I’ll end this very philosphic entry here by hoping that you too will find your creative universe, wherever it might be 🙂

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