There is, in my opinion, nothing lovelier than to write on a beautiful piece of paper. Then reality checks in and, well, how often do I run around with a beautiful piece of paper when inspiration hits? Hmmm, I guess somewhere around 5% of the times actually. Occasionally I still purchase beautiful and inspiring notebooks for the purpose and most of the time I don’t use them. I tend to use them for a lot of other things, but rarely for writing lyrics. Some of them are absolutely gorgeous, but intimidating, and I just can’t bring myself to write in them.

These days I commute with the train a lot and quite often inspiration hits when I’m on the train, lost in some thoughts or other, listening to music and watching the landscape pass by. I hate to bring beautiful notebooks as I will only damage them from having them scrambling around in my purse, so I usually end up using my iPhone for the first uncertain rows. Sometimes I forget I wrote them only to discover them some other day when scrolling though my notes. Then I might add to them and when I’m at home in the right mood I just might sit down by the piano and try some chords and melodies. Although, this is annoying, because as you might know, too long a while of inactivity and the screen goes black and since I’m a little paranoid about security in general I have to type the pin code over and over…

So after a brief promising check (if it’s not promising I tend to go do something else…) with chords and melody I note them down in a notebook, and, I have to admit, usually not in those beautiful ones since they’re just not sized for full length lyrics. I usually need at least an A4 sized sheet for that. Otherwise I’m forced to use two columns… (oh help!) And well, my mind doesn’t work well with two columns…

Once the lyrics are on a sheet of paper, full length or not, it tend to develop into a full song with chords and all. After playing it over and over the next step is to record. However, to me to take that final leap to record requires a lot of energy and time. Often I wish I did have more time to record, but then, I doubt I would have the energy to do that. In fact, I’ve come to learn that a good balance is the best.

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