A couple of weeks ago Nikolaus and I decided to shape up the blog a little with a new name and description. Just a try to narrow our field a bit. The new name is:

Enchanted Duo – A Voice From The Indie Forest

It was in December that I and Nikolaus were out walking in the forest. I don’t remember the particulars, but for some reason I said “in the forest” and Nikolaus thought I said “Indie Forest”. We began to speculate over the actual meaning of Indie Forest and decided it must be where we are: independent artists, creators, publishers and much more. Over the years we have tried a lot and failed a lot and some things worked out quite well. In our blog we get a chance to share a little bit of all of this, ergo, a voice from the Indie Forest.

Then I tell you, we had some good laughs while working on the new description! And why not? It should be fun shouldn’t it? Here it is:

From emo to demo, from daydreams to IRL
– join, be inspired and participate as well.

That’s how it is creating and the blog will (hopefully) inspire, you get a chance to participate in for example remix projects and why not join in?

And last but not least, how about an illustration of a voice from the Indie Forest? Does it look like this? Our do you have a better suggestion?

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