I love learning new words. When I bumped into petrichor I just knew we were meant for one another. I just didn’t know how exactly. It all started with Neil Gaiman, famous author, writing an episode for the Doctor Who series called “The Doctor’s Wife”. It is a favorite episode for many more reasons than petrichor (Scrapyard at the end of the universe, Iris as the Tardis, “Did you wish really hard?”).

When I got the meaning of petrichor (the smell of the first drops of rain touching the soil) I knew it was the one word my vocabulary was missing. I don’t think there’s an equivalent in Swedish. I didn’t know there was a word for that magical smell at all! I’ve loved that smell since I was a child. And as it turns out I’m not alone. In fact there’s a scientific explanation to petrichor. The smell consists of two things which during rain are released into the air: A secrete oil from some plants and chemicals produced by bacteria in the soil.

2015-08-25 16.14.30

Something like a couple of years passed (who keeps track anyway?). Then I sat and wrote the lyrics for “Come Petrichor”. It wasn’t easy and I was determined to rewrite until I was completely satisfied. A few months later I started putting the music together and something like doom ambient worked it’s way out. I still wasn’t convinced it would be good. (That’s when it made it to the video installation week. I thought at least I can use it for that).

I finished the structure of the song and the vocals and handed it over to Nicko. When the guitars were added I just knew it was one of the best songs we’ve ever written and arranged. Even Nicko said: “I didn’t think we could top “A Rock For A Heart”, but I think we just did”.

2015-08-25 16.13.30-1I love the apocalyptic doom feeling. I love the rock meets electronic ambient. I love the dark and muddy lyrics that breaths of a past and a future. I miss the fact that I tried to make it clear it was a fig tree in the lyrics, but eventually was forced to cut it out (too many syllables…). But right now it doesn’t matter. Right now it’s everything I love from a song and it’s even got a peak moment right after the bridge.

Well, dear readers, that’s my petrichor for you. I could never hope that you love it as I do, but I sure hope you’ll enjoy listening to it! So look out for our new song, it’s coming really soon!

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