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Fläckebo hembygdsförening har fyllt 100 år
“Klockan tre framförde de lokala förmågorna ett lustspel på temat kärlek mellan Ebba Brahe och Gustav II Adolf.”
Västmanlands Nyheter 2013-08-19



Enchanted Duo, formed in 2007, is a creative music duo. ”We like to try new things,” they explained as they launched the video installation week (August 2015).

The latest song is another evidence of pushing their own borders as they blend punk, rock, ambient and electronic music in a way we’re not used to hear from Enchanted Duo. ”Our music is going through something of a rebirth. I like it! I think we are more and more finding our style,” Anneli explains when ”A Rock For A Heart” is released (2015).
”We see this tendency on coming projects as well,” Nikolaus confirms.

In Fläckebo they go under the epithet ”The Royal Couple” as they’ve several times performed as Gustav II Adolf and Ebba Brahe. They wrote music for the famous love letter written by Gustav II Adolf addressed to Ebba Brahe as well as a poem about how  she was broken hearted when not allowed to marry him. (2015 and 2013).

Another experiment was the improvised vocal videos that Enchanted Duo came up with per chance (2015).
”Yeah, the VIV’s! The archive for song ideas. Instead of keeping them in a drawer somewhere we publish them on Instagram. Like a music poem,” Anneli explains.

”The 1-song-per-month-project was a bit of a challenge,” Nikolaus says about their 2011 music year.
”Afterwards I’m not sure how we made it,” Anneli laughs.
”Well, the idea was to get some songs released instead of just working on them forever,” Nikolaus continues. ”And it worked. We’re not satisfied with all of it, but we got to try different things.”
”Like the swing song, but I’m also really happy to have finished ”When I Wish” and ”Pieces of Darkness”,” Anneli remembers.

Anneli and Nikolaus even made music before officially becoming Enchanted Duo. They started out in 2003 and along the way there’s been quite a bit of cooperations. For example as traveling to India and recording ”Rachel Green” with Sunny Viswanath (2005), performing and recording with Jan Diwana (2006), working with Twilight Zound (2006-2007), ”Stars” with Jesper Eriksson (2006) and the latest remix of ”A Rock For A Heart” by Niklas Winde (2015).

”I can’t believe everything we’ve done! And to imagine music made that possible,” Anneli says.
”It’s been a journey for sure,” Nikolaus agrees.
”The best thing is probably that you get to try so many of your crazy ideas,” Anneli says.
”Because of the huge cache of recorded music we’ve accumulated during the years, there’s a lot of material to work with,” Nikolaus says.

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