The vocal traing course called Singing Success is divided into two parts: one about technique and one about style. I’m about half way through the technical section. I’ve been doing the exercises for about 2×20 minutes 4-5 days a week.

The tone of the course is helpful and encouraging. It’s not extensive in technical/physical explanations as of breathing and relaxation exercises like I’ve found in other courses. It’s more like listen and learn. The demonstration of the exercises are performed by singers with amazing skill and range. Something that might make you feel “Wow soon I’ll be mastering this myself”, but it also makes it difficult to get confirmation that you’ve got the right approach.

The concept of the course is to develop head-voice and blending it with chest-voice while keeping it at speech level. One thing that I have found useful is to focus on the release of the tone to avoid pushing while reaching the high note. I find the concept of speech level singing a bit harder to gasp.

I’ve almost ditched the exercises called the lip-rolls as the morning and afternoon car ride is my environment for daily practice and not being able to support the exercise with my fingers makes me feel woozy.

A few days ago I had the chance to try and apply some of those techniques while singing with a band I’m occasionally rehearsing with. Thinking stay relaxed, speech level etc. Though I immediately didn’t notice any advances in my singing you also pretty soon loose focus while competing with other instruments to get heard in a rock band.

I think I will start on the style section soon as well to get some more practice on real songs, sing along to some songs played on guitar and even with an unplugged electric guitar to further explore the concept of speech level singing.

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