Häggfestival – Dreams

This is one of those songs that you first record then learn how to play live. Trying to match the melody and rhythm guitar all at once. Earlier this year we played this song on the livekarusellen tour, only with an electric-guitar. This time it’s all acoustic and sounds even more scaled back. I think the song has a bit of nerve that comes out quiet beautifully in the video.

Song – Dreams

Title: Dreams
Lyrics: Dreams

Genre: Rock
Release: 19/12 2012
Available On: cdbaby, iTunes, Rhapsody, Spotify

It’s been a while since the last song was released but now it’s time for a new one. When I first started to write “Dreams” it all came to me natural and fast. Anneli thinks this is the best song I’ve written so far, but…

A good song needs good lyrics

So after a bit of mashing our favourite lines together, here it is!

What’s new from the technological point of view regarding this song is that we’ve made a few tests with live streaming of the mixing process. In the future we might do some scheduled events.