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Gotta surrender is the latest release from Enchanted Duo, and the first chapter of the mystery project called “W”. It’s the new song “Gotta surrender” and a 31 pages e-book with poetry and tales.

You’re about to head deeper into the forest and explore what dwells in the shadows. Is there really a battle between the spirit and the human mind? And what happens when we surrender? The new song ”Gotta surrender to the way” explores this theme and then…

Want to be part of this new adventure? Check out Gotta surrender.


Evanescere, released beginning of 2020, is a hard-cover book + CD, alternatively digital versions. This collection of transcendent poetry and music erases the borders between the real and the fantastic.

148 pages of poetry and illustrations, plus the album from Enchanted Duo including the new song Ephemeral, 6 of the poems with music and a 12 minutes long meditation to ethereal rock.

Ready to dive into some of that magic? Check out Evanescere.


What else is new? Enchanted Duo has a new logo.

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