Our Lyrics

You might have noticed the new link in the menu. Yes, we’ve moved them here – the lyrics to our songs. 

Earlier you could find them on our separate site called Lyrisk. To us it became too much of a hassle to add lyrics to the site with it’s not so user friendly interface. Therefore some of the lyrics to our latest songs never got added. I even saw in the website statistics searches targeting lyrics I knew weren’t there **shame**. 

If there’s lyrics you’ve been missing you should have a look now since we’ve added the ones we found missing. One thing about the old site that I think some of you appreciated though was that sometimes you could find lyrics to songs that were not yet released. We’ll see how to go about that in the future.

On the subject of loss

There are many losses in the world and to me it seems that the socially acceptable loss to grief are when a friend or a family member dies. For a certain time people can put up with the mourning process, but in my experience the process takes much longer. Loosing a pet is also very painful, but you’ll only get sympathy and understanding from those who know. To others it’s “just a pet”, when in fact it’s been your best friend for so many years.

But for loosing a dream, which could be just as painful as the above, you’ll get little sympathy. A clap on your shoulder at it’s best and some comforting words. However, the mourning process is just the same. But this time you’re forced to suffer in silence and the grieving comes with guilt, what-ifs and self-blaming. I think there are so many people all around us mourning the loss of a dream. Be it big or be it small, it really doesn’t matter as long as it really mattered to you. The fact that what you expected didn’t come true can be very hard to deal with and it requires a mourning process. It can be anything from a broken heart, disease, cancelled plans, a failed career, a child birth that didn’t turn out as expected, well, you name it. Where I sit it’s not much talked about. Then mourning process could isolate you. I know it has done that to me at times.

When I wrote “A Rock For A Heart” I was deep in grief. My first cat, Sidharta, with whom I had such a special connection, died in cancer long before his time. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, I had to make the decision to put him to sleep. “A Rock For A Heart” was born. A friend of mine said that there is a field in Heaven for the spirit animals where they wait for their masters. I envisioned it now and then as a comfort.

It’s been six years now and so much has happened. I have lost dreams, some really big ones, mourned them and moved on. But I’ve also been blessed in many ways. I try to remember that. Therefore as the years have gone by the lyrics of “A Rock For A Heart” has come to mean a lot more to me. In it’s essence it is about grieving and it is about making the difficult decisions in life. Somehow the tough grown-up part of life and of being the responsible.

bench of thoughts

A snapshot or a process

When I started writing lyrics some 15 years ago I used to write several lyrics a week and it pretty much didn’t matter to me where I was. Back then I resented the idea of altering anything afterwards. It kind of felt like cheating. To me the lyrics became a snapshot of that moment in time. I can still read some of the lyrics and travel back in time to that exact moment. Writing back then was also a practice in English. The over 1000 lyrics served their purpose. Most of them silly and romantic and something I’d never show a living soul, but they brought me here.

Somewhere along the way things changed. Nowadays I save good phrases on my mobile or recorded sequences. Later when I feel inspired I take them out and sometimes they become a whole song. Now it’s a process. I like to write parts, then rewrite again and find the perfect match, the perfect sounds and the perfect words. It makes me think of Tomas Tranströmer, famous Swedish poet. For every collection of poems he writes hundreds of pages filled with words, just to find the prefect ones. Then the writing becomes a handcraft. Perhaps I have less time to actually sit and think and write now. But quite a bit of time to think – like when going home from work,  cleaning up or cutting the grass. My writing takes longer and the few projects I do take my time to work on takes longer, but I like the crafted result. I try to enjoy the process, even if it’s challenging at times.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that I never do snapshots anymore. VIVs are one type of snapshot. And sometimes you get into the flow and inspiration runs high. Sometimes.

2015-06-03 18.37.22

My lyrics: Feeling the words

Quite recently there was an interview with the Swedish/Greek author Teodor Kallifatides in Swedish television. He said something in the line of being lucky being a foreigner writing in Swedish because then he isn’t that emotionally attached to the Swedish words. As if since one hasn’t grown up with the emotional significance of a word it would be easier to use it. This thought has remained with me now for, I don’t know, maybe a couple of weeks, while I’ve been pondering my own usage of languages, my lyrics and my emotional attachments to words. Could that be the reason why it’s so hard for me to write lyrics in Swedish? I doubt it would be the whole truth actually, but the more I think about it the more it intrigues me.

With English I feel like I have just the right level of emotional attachment. I can write lyrics and I can sing them. In Swedish it’s very hard to write lyrics and even more difficult to sing them. As I often write about painful things I tend to cry instead of singing whenever I manage to put words to them in Swedish. Perhaps the other language helps me to distance myself just enough? It doesn’t work always though… There are some songs I’d never sing at a concert. I just don’t know if I can.

I have tried to sing in other languages too. I did some collaborations in hindi for example, but there on the other hand I felt completely emotionally detached, blind if you will, which is kind of scary to be honest. There is another song we sing in Russian in concert sometimes and even if I know what it is about, I’m still bind.

Lately I’ve experimented a little with my third language; Spanish. But I still feel a little emotionally detached. It’s like I doubt the words. I think I know the meaning, but I can’t feel the exact shade or weight of emotion in the words. However, I just might keep trying and see what happens. I don’t even know if I’d like to sing in Spanish and if my voice could work. That is another aspect that intrigues me. How the voice becomes so different depending on which language I choose and how much time and practice is needed to figure out just how to get your own personal style in each.