Double Tracking and Harmonizing

Singin Choirs

We’ve started to replace the smartphone samples that were recorded, split, time-stretched and sprinkled over the song’s timeline to build the draft and structure of Live Life To The Fullest. From now on the new tracks will be the final ones and recorded in the studio.

I started out with the acoustic guitar. To keep it simple my initial idea was to record just one guitar track. To get some inspiration on where to place the guitar in the stereo frame (left-right panning) I went on the internet searching for guitar based music. I haven’t really thought about it but county music is a big genre. I can’t say I found any progressiv mixing techniques for guitars though. Instead I went for double tracking the guitars, which means recording two identical mono tracks and panning them hard left respective hard right.

For choirs we wanted to double up the sound and create some variation with harmonies. If you record choirs very tightly you can almost make it sound like an organ. A slip in timing can either make the sound sloppy or add something interesting to the “instrument”. When all choir tracks are in place (and a few bonus unexpected ones) it’s time to decide what works, which tracks to keep and what has to go.