A few months ago Nicko and I worked on the name of the blog and tried to slim the category a bit. What content we want to keep is an ongoing process and we have new ideas all the time. The enchantedduo.com blog has been up now since late December 2010 and we’re learning more and more all the time. The design has remained the same more or less the whole time.

I have been itching to get started on some new design, but couldn’t really think of what. Until a couple of days ago. I want to keep the same color scheme with a few additions. I want the forest and the nature that is a great source of inspiration to us. I want a piece of wild and untamed, I want creativity and I want it to be fun. Not an easy task…

The WordPress updates are always a bit of a pain (you never know what will stop working and so on, however well you prepare – this pretty much goes for most systems I’m afraid…) But it’s high time and why not do a facial at the same time? I’ve been browsing some themes, but haven’t quite decided what I prefer.

So, how does this affect you? I mean, apart from a new exciting design to look forward to. During the update there will probably be some disturbance. We’re sorry for this, but it’s inevitable.

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