For a test period we’ve offered some of our music for licensing through CDBaby and their partner Rumblefish. Time to evaluate!

For people to legally use music in a Youtube-video, movie,  game etc. they need to get a license from the composer. Rumblefish makes your music available to content creators and handles selling licenses. Rumblefish keeps track of the use of your music on Youtube and will pay you regardless if the movie creator has bought a license or not. To be able to do that they are attached to Youtube’s content ID system that scan all uploads.

Copyright Claim Youtube

When your music is found in a video the uploader will receive a copyright claim. The claim comes from Rumblefish and not Youtube. Rumblefish provides and manages the library of music that is recognised by the Content ID system. Youtube will act as they are told to. Rumblefish policy is not to demand any removal of a video and the uploader of the content is suposed to “do nothing”.

This will lead to some problems if you have your own Youtube band channel. Then you yourself will be subject to copyright claims on videos containing your own music. Content creators that have bought a licence to use your music will also be targeted. Remember that everyone is still suposed to do nothing. Well, Rumblefish has implemented a workaround to try to solve this issue which makes it possible to per video have the copyright claim released by submitting this form.

Because of the additional administration in handling the copyright claims and above all that someone who has already purchased a license, and that from Rumblefish services themselves, is also exposed to copyright claims we have deicided not to continue to use this music licensing program and our suggestions to Rumblefish are:

  1. Make it possible for a composer to have their  channel excluded from the Rumblefish Content ID e.g. the artists official Youtube channel.
  2. Never target an uploader that has legally bought a license to use the music trough your services.

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