As you might have noticed our picture gallery has taken a complete new form and we’ve been eagerly experimenting lately. That’s how it happened actually and the VIV came about. It stands for Vocal Improvised Video: VIV, pronounced /vɪv/.

So apart from the name, which gives a clue, but isn’t that specific, a VIV is:

  • An improvised vocal verse (new lyrics and melody).
  • Captured in a 15 seconds video clip (preferably filming something which the lyrics relate to).

In a way it’s a form of poem for the digital world. Adjusted to the Instagram feed.

I’ve been recording bits and pieces on the phone for a while and pretty much jumped with joy when I realized I could turn these verses of the moment into VIVs instead. Like a video diary of poems. I hope you will enjoy watching and listening! Who knows, maybe there are others out there who would love to make some VIVs too.

Winter Bride (part 1/3)

Ett filmklipp publicerat av Enchanted Duo (@enchantedduo)

A little something to cheer you up after a rough day! And then of course, it IS Friday today 🙂

Ett filmklipp publicerat av Enchanted Duo (@enchantedduo)

2 comments on “What’s a VIV?

  1. von Knorring

    Well, it is very good, You telling everybody to whrite comments in English, because this language “is new to me” (hihi). I like this short “poems” about every, daily things by this cool, short songs. Do more of this.
    Regards from von Knorring.

    1. Nikolaus von Knorring

      We will!
      Det går utmärkt att kommentera på svenska också 🙂

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