For a long time home for me has been I’ve decided to let this time come to an end now, since nowadays this blog carries all my musical adventures. The forum on the site at some point grew and became larger than the site itself. Therefore the forum will live on under the new URL led by “authoramateur” Magnus.

Why neitcho? How did it start?

Neitcho - Foreignworld CDcoverA friend used to call me Nitcho, a name of a mafia movie character. To suite me better I added the letters “ei”, and that with a German pronunciation would be Night cho.

After a while I added my surname which gave: Neitcho von Knorring. As you can see on this site I use my real first name Nikolaus when authoring, but for the last two years I’ve been referring to my musical self as one half of Enchanted Duo.

One comment on “ is no more, but…

  1. Magnus von Knorring

    OK och hej!
    Ja, nu har jag sett länken själv och jag hoppas att “man” hittar till “spontandikter” själva också i framtiden (för dem som fortfarande söker och inte hittat igen dem).
    TACKAR för hjälpen så mycket, med att “spontandikterna” fick överleva. TACK.
    Hälsar Magnus

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