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Composers, writers, musicians and creators in love with music, poetry and Scandinavian folklore. (And well, tech and fantasy geeks too.)
Making room for nature remind us of everything that’s beautiful in the world — let us show you.

Both of us were born and raised in the Swedish countryside, and this is where we returned to as adults to re-root. We’ve always loved music, myths and stories — and we started over twenty years ago in the kitchen, poor students with close to zero in budget. That’s where we recorded our first album together, and that was just the amazing beginning of a long adventure. One that would take us to India and back, concerts, over fifty released songs and six books, the Scandinavian nature and the dream of living a meaningful and fulfilling life.

And it just keeps getting better and better.

We take you places

Music, nature, books, folklore – yep, but here’s the thing, the road to a finished product is a winding, fascinating one, filled with adventure. We want to be a part of it, and we want you to come along too.
So, when we head outdoors to speak in video – with us, costumes, amazing nature and gear – you get to come too. Enjoy the scenery, enjoy the peacefullness, let creativity spark in you too. We film most of our material by ourselves, be it with phones, handheld or drone. Or even microscope sometimes. 
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Sätra brunn porträtt1900w
Video expressions, dance art, animalism, nature and seasons, these special moments that never happen again, like that spring when I found the black eye of the forest pond on a rainy day with such vibrant green – the location for the art video to “I’m still wondering”.

It’s so easy to take moments for granted, but few of them repeat themselves.

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We discover with music (discography)

When words are not enough, music speaks louder, sweeps you away, embraces you – or make you dance.

Progressive rock, ambient, avant-garde, and sometimes we squeeze in a meditation or an acoustic tune.

You're ashes and fire_cover3_800px_w

You're ashes and fire

Release 30/9 2022

I'm still wondering

Single, 2022

Like a kite

Single, 2022

Sea inside

Single, 2022


Single, 2022


Theme album, 2021

Emerald heart

Single, 2018


Album, 2017


EP (4 songs), 2012

One song per month

Album (12 singles), 2011

Anything for glory

Single, 2010

The double single

EP (2 songs), 2010

Divine collection

Album, 2007

We travel with stories (bibliography)

To travel with words. To discover new worlds, or new aspects of the self. To relax, to see little miracles that you didn’t before.

Well, stories have powers like that.

A story is a process. Both in writing and in reading.

And yes, Anneli is Enchanted Duo’s author.

“We need a sanctuary. Not distractions.” (From Tree Kisses)

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Grape Flowers

Book, poetry collection, nature writing, summer reflections

Queen of mud and time

Book, novel, fantasy, folklore

Little bird lost

Book, novel, fantasy, folklore

The raven in her heart

Book, novel, fantasy, folklore

Tree Kisses

Book, poetry collection, nature writing and folklore

Gotta surrender to the way

Book, poetry, nature writing

Evanescere (paperback)

Book, poetry, stories and passages, nature writing, write to heal and folklore

Evanescere (hardcover)

Book, poetry, stories and passages, nature writing, write to heal and folklore

Sagan om Trollsjön

Book, shortstory, fantasy
(2016, In Swedish)

We believe every step has led us here (biography)

We think we need to become more, but looking back, we do what we’ve always done. We take pictures, we paint, we make music, we discover nature and write. Nothing has changed in essentials, but each piece has developed and suddenly they fit together, forming a bigger picture.
One we couldn’t even dream up when we formed Enchanted Duo in 2007.
My odyssey still calls...
My odyssey still calls…