What’s a VIV?

As you might have noticed our picture gallery has taken a complete new form and we’ve been eagerly experimenting lately. That’s how it happened actually and the VIV came about. It stands for Vocal Improvised Video: VIV, pronounced /vɪv/.

So apart from the name, which gives a clue, but isn’t that specific, a VIV is:

  • An improvised vocal verse (new lyrics and melody).
  • Captured in a 15 seconds video clip (preferably filming something which the lyrics relate to).

In a way it’s a form of poem for the digital world. Adjusted to the Instagram feed.

I’ve been recording bits and pieces on the phone for a while and pretty much jumped with joy when I realized I could turn these verses of the moment into VIVs instead. Like a video diary of poems. I hope you will enjoy watching and listening! Who knows, maybe there are others out there who would love to make some VIVs too.

Winter Bride (part 1/3)

Ett filmklipp publicerat av Enchanted Duo (@enchantedduo)

A little something to cheer you up after a rough day! And then of course, it IS Friday today :-)

Ett filmklipp publicerat av Enchanted Duo (@enchantedduo)

Blog in blog

We’ve made some changes to the photos page here on the blog. The page has included the giging Enchanted Duo but there’s so much more going on then just gigs and shows. We believe it will be much more fun to show you what is going on rather than what has happened, and also to preview what is coming up. This is not exactly a new topic on our blog since we’ve been keeping you up to date in blog posts. Instead it’s more like a microblog updated on the spur of the moment. Have a look at the feed.

Apart from being available here on the blog you can also follow the feed on Instagram.

Screen Instagram Feed

Jul igen

Då var det jul igen. Det känns som om året bara har flugit förbi. Vi tänkte göra ett nytt försök med de julsånger som vi inte hann spela in förra året. Och jag hoppas att jag inte stöter mig med Billy Butt och Sölve Rydell för att jag efter ett års grubblande har skrivit om texten till “Julen är här”. Det är en ganska bra text, lite julflummig och vag sådär. Jag gillar användandet av ordet stjärnor och den tjusiga symboliken. MEN, så kommer sista raden i bryggan och sänker hela låter (enligt min mening). Ledsen, men i min ganska kritiska lingvistiska hjärna är det helt klart bättre att inte rimma alls än att fuskrimma om man nu inte kommer på något bra. Den här gången fick jag dock till ett riktigt rim istället för fuskrimmet. Därför blir det (med mina ändringar i fet stil):

Ge oss av den frid som rår

i stjärnornas förunderliga värld.

Led oss på den väg vi går,

en tröstande hand på vår färd.

Jag hoppas att Billy och Sölve och alla våra fans gillar förbättringen. God jul och gott nytt år från Enchanted Duo!

Domain problems

Yesterday you were probably met by a message from ICANN instead of our blog. Due to a new ICANN policy every domain owner has to verify/update contact information on registered domain names periodically. Some confusion emerged about the process resulting in enchantedduo.com being locked down for a day or so. Everything should be ok now.

ICANN domain verification message

Songwriting & studio update

There’s been some progress with the ongoing songwriting of “Live Life To The Fullest”. We’ve now made the full structure of the song out of the smartphone recorded samples and also drafted some lyrics/vocals.

To the category technical difficulties we can add a malfunctioning microphone that had to be replaced with one that we’ve been using earlier. Just like the other it’s a multipurpose microphone that you have to remember how to set up correctly because of the different characteristics on each side.


We’ve also started to clean up in tonfällan (our recording booth) which lately has become a storage area for different equipment. I’m building a shelf now for this purpose. When tonfällan is accessible we can start the recording of guitars and vocals.



Putting a face to feelings

I’ve started to write down how I feel about doing certain tasks. Maybe it could be used to do more of the things that makes me feel happy, but I don’t know, I haven’t done such an analysis yet. For now it just feels god to put a face to the feeling while/after completing the task. It’s obvious that feelings are related to a certain time aspect. Therefore I evaluate while I’m doing the task and then reevaluate at least two hours after finishing the task, as well as the next day.


Singing Success – Review

The vocal traing course called Singing Success is divided into two parts: one about technique and one about style. I’m about half way through the technical section. I’ve been doing the exercises for about 2×20 minutes 4-5 days a week.

The tone of the course is helpful and encouraging. It’s not extensive in technical/physical explanations as of breathing and relaxation exercises like I’ve found in other courses. It’s more like listen and learn. The demonstration of the exercises are performed by singers with amazing skill and range. Something that might make you feel “Wow soon I’ll be mastering this myself”, but it also makes it difficult to get confirmation that you’ve got the right approach.

The concept of the course is to develop head-voice and blending it with chest-voice while keeping it at speech level. One thing that I have found useful is to focus on the release of the tone to avoid pushing while reaching the high note. I find the concept of speech level singing a bit harder to gasp.

I’ve almost ditched the exercises called the lip-rolls as the morning and afternoon car ride is my environment for daily practice and not being able to support the exercise with my fingers makes me feel woozy.

A few days ago I had the chance to try and apply some of those techniques while singing with a band I’m occasionally rehearsing with. Thinking stay relaxed, speech level etc. Though I immediately didn’t notice any advances in my singing you also pretty soon loose focus while competing with other instruments to get heard in a rock band.

I think I will start on the style section soon as well to get some more practice on real songs, sing along to some songs played on guitar and even with an unplugged electric guitar to further explore the concept of speech level singing.

Minor issues

We’ve recently had some crashes on a few modules in wordpress related to the caching of the site. Now after removing this monster the contact form and event manager is up and running again. We’ll  be looking into some gzip compression to hopefully reduce some pageload on your browser.

Songwriting patchwork

There’s not just one way of writing songs and as time flies you discover new ways. For quite a while now I’ve been using my smart phone for capturing new ideas. Sometimes even a whole song with piano or guitar. Just so we can listen again later.

The latest is to import these clips directly into Cubase and (when needed cut them up to fit the beat were it decided afterwards). This way you get a draft to improve gradually. And you can work on the song wherever you are. Below is the draft vocals for the bridge on our new project.

Lost in the woods

Ever since we decided to work on our image and the “Indie Forest” theme I’ve been dying to take some new pictures. So for over a year now I’ve been collecting items and accessories for those pictures. Of course, we meant to take them a year back, but life sort of got in the way. As autumn draws near and the temperature dips at night and fog lies thick in early morning we got a bit inspired. Why not do it now?

It’s pretty much like this: A complete nuisance trying to ensure everything is packed and getting ready. Lesser things can drive anyone mad I think. Getting there takes an eternity. Upon arrival everything looks perfect. Then realizing that little (%&!!??##!) clip to attach the camera to the tripod got let behind. (Some not so nice words here). Rushing back to collect missing items including a pacifier because we forgot that in the leaving chaos too. (Good thing the selected spot for the pictures isn’t more than a 5-10 minutes walk from the house!) Then we’re super focused and working hard at taking pictures. When our baby girl is fed up and crying it’s time to get back to the house (keeping our fingers crossed we got at least some good pictures). Completely exhausted we change back to casual clothes as we don’t usually wear circlets and tiaras for breakfast. Then a brief picture preview and we can relax.

It’s the kind of activity that is rather trying to both plan for and execute, but I think a few days later I will feel happy we did it. Now it’s all about gathering up some energy to sit down and work with the pictures in Adobe Photoshop. The final part, turning them into digital arts (resizing and such) is perhaps the most boring. Just administration really.

So now, look out for new profile pictures for Enchanted Duo!