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In a world bordering our own lives the elementals. They have a deep relationship to their surrounding environment – and often one element in particular. Like the fire elemental Ember, or the earth elemental Mineral. Some might say they’re fae, others might say they’re shifters – even if that’s not true for all of them. Each story is an adventure – one that can easily serve as a metaphore to what happens inside ourselves as we grow. Through the elementals and their journey we too can connect deeply with both nature and ourselves – and old lore, legends and myth. Our roots.

The Werifesteria Elemental Series is a fantasy book series inspired by the Scandinavian nature, folklore and Norse mythology. Nature writing, love and adventure – and strong fates that relates to ourselves.

The Elemental Realm has been hidden from its neighbouring realms for over twenty centuries. A great war once tore the realm apart and a huge sacrifice was made to create the veil surrounding it. But it is not just this mysterious veil that no one can see; strange things are happening in many of the elemental kingdoms.
Welcome to a world of magic, a plethora of different elementals (dragons, fae and many more; as well as Norse mythology and Scandinavian folklore and mystique) and their powers, their life journeys and their rare interactions with the surrounding realms.

Little bird lost, volume 1 in the Werifesteria Elemental Series.

When there’s a storm, ground yourself. Find your inner strength.

Ember knows she must do something vitally important, but she is not sure what it is. For too long she has been hiding in her home cave, keeping herself to herself, and trying to avoid the expectations of others. If only her fire elemental powers would manifest. But strange things are happening in the volcanic Kingdom of the Eternal Flame, and the handsome Dragon King Magmus insists that what she’s doing is important – even if it’s just collecting twigs in the forest. Too many mysteries are confusing them both and there’s a threat to the entire elemental realm. Ember battles with her anxiety, high sensitivity and empathic nature. If only she could believe in herself as much as King Magnus does.

Will she and King Magmus work out what to do in time? Especially when the Fire Council seem convinced Ember is the key to saving the realm.

A slow-burning romance tangled in fantasy adventure. Read about fire elemental Ember, Dragon King Magmus, and their volcanic kingdom. Inspired by the Scandinavian nature, myths, folklore and Norse mythology.

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I haven’t read too much fantasy, but I love your story, the language, and the characters. I get the feeling of a young adult love story since the love is given space and is uncomplicated. Would love to have my own Magmus.

Meet the ravens. Hugr means thought, Mugr means memory. And Odin needed both. Which is your raven?

Venla escapes to her remote cabin to celebrate Christmas alone, grieving the shattered fragments of her life, but when old memories ignite her creative spirit, and she starts spinning and knitting, a raven comes to visit. On an impulsive whim she decides to let the raven into her heart, treating it as her friend, and it doesn’t take long before it brings her a magical gift. Only now it wants her to follow it into the woods. She thinks she must be crazy for even contemplating this, but the magic piques her interest. Not knowing it is the Elemental realm the raven has brought her to, Venla wields the little magic she can, to make her way.
But what will come of this crazy journey? Venla wasn’t sure what to expect, but she certainly wasn’t expecting her raven to transform into a beautiful prince, to discover a long-lost kingdom under a curse or to enjoy the most wonderful Yuletide she had ever had. And perhaps a ‘happy ever after’ too…

Inspired by ancient Scandinavian Yuletide traditions, the raven in Norse mythology, and Scandinavian folklore. Journey to encounter a host of mythical creatures in a heart-warming, creative Christmas adventure with transcendental depth.

The raven in her heart, volume 2, by Anneli von Knorring is a feel-good wintery tale where we explore the raven and its magic in Scandinavian folklore and myth, along with old Yuletide traditions.

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The strength of the bear, the heart of the bear – and the depth inside me…

Mineral has messed up. In fact, everything she has ever done is messed up. A muddy mess. As Queen of Fenilya she needs to sort both her powers and her emotions out. Her ambition? To win her family back. But there are darker forces at work. Forces that have been working against her since even before she was born.

Can she do this? Elder Zeith believes in her, and so does her new friend Ember. 

Inspired by ancient Scandinavian bear tales and shamanism, Norse mythology, and folklore. Through soul journeys Mineral finds the means to reclaim her own emotional control, heal old wounds and venture into the unknown future.

Queen of mud and time by Anneli von Knorring is the third volume in the Werifesteria Elemental Series, a feel-good family adventure, an underground kingdom, dokkalves, ancient lindwurms and of course bears.

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The wisdom of the raven – Ást’s story, only on our blog.

I’m Ást, and I’m back. The Elemental Realm has changed a lot, and in many ways not. It’s time to find my long lost twin sister…

Read Ást’s story on the Enchanted blog. New posts every month.

What happens next?

The story doesn’t stop here – good right? But it’s a constant puzzling. At least I know at this point that volume number 4 will be Sealed fate… It’s a work in progress.

In the meantime here’s My Funny Dragon Valentine:

Nathalie is having the worst day of her life. Feeling forced to leave her job after a thoroughly embarrassing money incident, she gets to the apartment complex, of which she’s the unfortunate owner – when one of her discontented neighbours takes a shot at her. Now the police are knocking on her mother’s door, saying Nathalie’s been kidnapped – which isn’t too far off. But how do you tell your mother that you’re forty and old enough to take care of yourself when your new travel companions happen to be dragons, and you’ve accidentally ended up in a parallel enchanted world?

Hallhegan’s lair is finished. It only took him a few aeons or more – he didn’t really keep track. But the Elemental Realm has changed. Where are all the dragons, for starters? That’s when his old, trusted friend, Heelaie, suggests a path he hadn’t even considered.

Dragons, gumption, a strong heroine, a gazebo-sized Mossarium, enchanted moss, trolls, druids, and spells – and Valentine in an unexpected wrapping.

Paranormal romance, transcendental fantasy and all that.

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What is the Werifesteria Elemental Series?

The Werifesteria Elemental Series is a fantasy book series, and part of Enchanted Duo’s Werifesteria art project containing music, books and art.

Werifesteria is a new word with the meaning ‘to go into the forest looking for adventure’, which accurately describes the theme.

Who is the audience of this book series?

You like strong, mature characters in the middle of life-changing processes and challenges, a bit of romance, the poetic closeness to nature, a bit of magic and the Scandinavian myths and folklore. 

The main characters are middle age, many of them women. Strong people who faces a dramatic change in their life, some human, some fae. This means that the fate of the characters best appeals to a mature audienc interested in personal growth and development, but also fascinated by the Scandinavian landscape, myths and folklore.

How many books are in the Werifesteria Elemental Series?

There are currently 3 volumes plublished, and the spin off My Funny Dragon Valentine. There are also related content, like the short story in Tree Kisses, which is like a prologue to Queen of mud and time.

Tree Kisses in our shop, or on Amazon.

How many books are planned for this series?

Apart from the three first volumes (tw published and one soon to be published) there are three more volumes in progress.

Then there are three more planned after that. And some related content, because what’s the fun with a whole new world if we can’t hang out there often.

Are these books available on Kindle Unlimited?

Yes, and all books are available both in our shop and on Amazon.

What are related content?

In the Werifesteria multi-art project we like to challange the boundries of art a bit. Therefore, there’s music, poetry, art and the stories. Many times one of the stories have a song dedicated to it.

There are also the poetry collections: Tree Kisses and Gotta surrender to the way, and more coming.

Who creates the Inspiring cover arts?

Actually, I (Anneli) am the one designing our cover arts. I’ve always loved to draw, paint and photograph, and now my art consists of all these elements.

Connect with nature - connect with yourself

Schedule some well-earned quality ‘me-time’ right now:

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There’s nothing like a new book, a new world and an inspiring fate.