#4 Your true talent

Hamingja is an internal part of our self, of our spirit, but something that’s still been regarded as a separate entity. Some believed that their ‘hamingja’ could be inherited by children in their linage, to which I’m doubtful.

But what is ‘hamingja’? It translates as ‘luck’, and has over the ages deteriorated down to skill in battle, but it used to be so much more – an aspect I see returning all over the realm. I’d rather translate ‘hamingja’ to ‘talent’. When an individual find their true calling and hone that skill, they become very successful, even autonomous in their craft – which was indeed true for warriors too. But it’s easy to forget that it’s also true for any craft, be it healing, art, magic, construction, engineering and so on.

Coming back to the matter of inheriting ‘hamingja’. Many times, children would learn their trade from their parents, in which case I can understand how the thought of inheriting ‘hamingja’ was born. Although we still believe in ‘hamingja’, it’s nowadays believed to be more of a personal talent to serve the community. It doesn’t necessarily mean that your talent will be the same as the talents of your parents. More likely your talent will be an evolution with ingredients from both of theirs.

There are situations described when individuals have been forced to develop the wrong talent. It doesn’t necessarily equal a fate filled with misery, but the true euphoric sensation of excelling might never manifest itself, and it’s not unheard of that those individuals have later in life changed direction.

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