#5 The secrets of the vaults

My raven ancestors have always been carefully keeping notes of the realm, the different elementals, the kingdoms, special occasions, interesting decisions and fates – it serves as our lore, inspiration and guidance for future reigns, future leaders and elementals. To falsify the historical notes was considered a very grave crime, not only in the present against your peers, but consequently also a crime against all future generations. This is why ravens took great care to ensure what they noted down was truly the truth.

When I’m stationed in Ravnea, my own kingdom, I tend to spend much time in the old vaults, both reading and observing the in-progress transformation of old scrolls to a more modern information system. Magic and ‘technology’, as Queen Venla refers to it. I find it fascinating, and I’m impressed with the speed at which you can find what you’re searching for. It was a little tricky to at first grasp the concept of search criteria and how to properly index and categorise information, but there have been great improvements since last I visited the vaults.

For some reason I seem to dig deeper and deeper into ancient times. Some of these ancient texts are excessively difficult to read, and I’m led to understand that they describe the events from a time before the ancient wars. From what I can see this realm was very different back then. As the wars slowly began, there was a term ‘skilja’ in the old language, which translates to separate, to divide or to limit. The old kingdoms weren’t ruled by fear, they were ruled by togetherness. Still there was a strong individualism where each person was encouraged to hone their special talent to contribute to the whole. It’s not until later that this interpretation of honing talents is transformed into something more materialistic and rather means success at the expense of others, thus spurring violence and instability.

In this later state the separation is mentioned, and being so caught up in this wheel of seeking fame and prosperity leads to further diversion – a creation of a dream, and which the person cannot easily snap out of.

So, first was a time of connectedness, then a time of separation. I suppose we are again trying to connect – perhaps to ourselves first and foremost.

Feathers and lore,
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