Unwrapping the self

I was staring at my reflection in a long mirror. I was huge when I started out. I had no idea there were that many layers. This wrapping was an undefined shade of teal and turquoise. I was pondering the lessons of this one. Perhaps it has something to do with the throat? To stand up for myself and to say what I want. And love? Well, everything is always to do with love. Greet it with love, hold it with love. Love. Loving myself.

The paper had a glossy kind of glow in the lamp light. I fingered it reluctantly, hesitantly. Where would I pierce it? What would happen if I did? It felt cold and warm all at the same time. No perfume yet. I could feel my palms sweating, just a little, almost unnoticeably. But there was more friction as I slipped my hand over the wrapping paper covering my belly and my chest. I was moving carefully as my arms were wrapped too. Only fingers, face and hair were fully visible. I suppose it must mean something, or perhaps not. This wrapping is an illusion of sorts, but the power of visualisation should not be underestimated. Unwrapping, even if it’s an illusion, has just as much power. I took another deep breath, collecting myself.

“Here we go again,” I thought. “Here we go again.”

With my index finger I gently pierced the paper below my left breast – and the paper made a little startled noise, as if it had not thought me courageous enough. /…/

From Evanescere.

With love,


“Passion cannot be conditioned.”

Evanescere, paperback version, is a collection of transcendental poetry, short stories, art and music erases the borders between the real and the fantastic.

‘I am’ meets folklore, passion and existance, and our relationship with nature in this adventure searching for the true self. Who am I? And who are you? How do we progress? How do we heal wounds?

Don’t be surprised if you suddenly find yourself in another world. Give yourself some time to escape and re-charge – to become who you were meant to be all along. 


“You heal and inspire me every time I listen to your album. I’m listening every time I drive. Before Christmas I listened for four hours non-stop. What you’ve done is magical. Love it. Your voices together. The music. There’s so much power and so many dimensions. Thank you for doing this.”

– Christine Zema Jelvemo (About Evancescere)


Do you wish to explore your own divine feminine and masculine? Or just dive into poetry and passages that inspire and helps you find new viewpoints in yourself? Well, this is Evanescere is for you. Music, spoken word, art, poetry and passages (and some folklore roots…).

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