“We need a sanctuary. Not distractions.” (From Tree Kisses)

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Welcome to our creative space!

We’re in love with music, poetry and folklore.
(And well, tech and fantasy geeks too).

We’re Anneli and Nicko of Enchanted Duo,
a mixed art duo, and from the deep Scandinavian
forest we weave new dreams.

Every song, every book is a project, a possibility,
a message and soul medicine. Every word has the
power to change, to grow and to become.
And the best part?
You can do that too.

Thanks for being a rebel and supporting indie music,
self-publishing and so much more!

“Passion cannot be conditioned.” (From Evanescere)

Latest music

New song You’re ashes and fire” is here!

This is the first of our songs featuring both Marco Minnemann and Mohini Dey.
Yay, let’s rock!

Hooves turning soil,
The morning calls…

Musik till hemsida _ashes rel_800w

A mix of progressive rockavant-gardeambient and New Age. The Enchanted Duo music comes with deep messages that you can listen to over and over again.

Our Werifesteria adventure continues with music, spirit animals and stories. The goal? A full-length album, transcendental poetry, art and a fantasy series to take you deeper into our world of symbolism, nature magic and folklore.

Latest books

The new poetry collection Grape Flowers is available in our shop and on amazon.

The Werifesteria Elemental series: Poetry and fantasy inspired by Swedish nature, Norse mythology and folklore.

Queen of mud and time (#3) is available! Let’s explore bear magic and myths from the time of the Vikings, along with regression therapy, wibbly-wobbly time and family bonds. Get it in our shop and on amazon. 🐻🐻🐻

All the Werifesteria books (Tree KissesLittle bird lost (#1) and The raven in her heart (#2)) are available in our shop and on amazon. 💖💖💖

A lonely bird (read from Little bird lost)

Books_hemsida3_grape rel_800w

This is the fire balance. If everyone had strong manifested powers, it would create a huge imbalance.
Unfortunately, over time that balance has been ignored and manifested powers are
considered to be a status symbol.” (From Little bird lost)

2 years with Evanescere!!

Let’s celebrate with a brand new paperback and kindle edition on Amazon. Yay!

New to Evanescere? It’s a transcendental collection of poetry, passages and short fantasy stories – all about healing and learning to recognise the true self. Check out Evanescere on our blog for free snippets.


Writing is a way of life. We write to heal, we write to become. Read our articles in More to Life Magazine...

Whether it’s music, poetry or novels. Every time something is set free, and something new is ready to grow.

Writing is a way to finish all the unfinished conversations surrounding us. Read all about it in Anneli’s article in More to Life magazine: “Unfinished conversations”

Or check out Anneli’s “Walking a haiku” for tips on how to make writing a fun practice while taking a walk, and what if you accidently deepened your relationship to Mother Nature…


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Recording “Be the river”

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