‘Beautiful Lady’ by Enchanted Duo [Lyrics/Art Video]

This is the lyrics video for our latest song, Beautiful Lady, a progressive rock/folk tune and is a song that was four years in the making and one that we have put our heart and soul into.

➡️ It is a song that was initially inspired by an email we received from a man in the United Kingdom. He had been inspired to write a poem after listening to our music – and it made us want to create a song that was inspired by the poem. The poem was about a love story and provided the basis for what became the song. In this version, you can listen to the music while reading the lyrics yourself. Hopefully, it will help give you a new level of understanding of the inspiration behind the song. 


🏆 We’re not alone on our adventures, which is amazing. Thanks to all our backers and the phoenixes of the Enchanted Realm. 🏅 Special thanks to:

Mixing: Studio Underground
Master: Melo Deal
Drums: Marco Minnemann
Bass: Mohini Dey
Flute/bagpipes: Ivan Churkin
Video editing: Levmusic
Professional dance: violetstorm with partner

Re-arranging grids,