The 13 troll kingdoms

You’ve probably heard about trolls in fairy tales, I know your realm tend to feature them as big, aggressive and ugly. There are some like this in the Elemental Realm also, but most trolls look like you and me. Perhaps with a tail or a pair of fox ears. Trolls are known for their stories, which is something they collect. They’re also known to be extremely wealthy and wear very beautiful clothes. It’s well known that troll clothes don’t stain.

Some might stretch to call trolls earth elementals, but really, trolls are trolls. They have their own ways of doing things, their own kind of magic and traditions.

Trolls are also very helpful, like that time when farmer Johnsson said he’d give his best cow for someone to help him gather in the harvest. Trylle, a troll from the 6th kingdom, heard the farmer and got to work late that night. Leaving the harvest neatly stacked in the morning, Trylle took the cow from the barn and left thinking he’d done a great job. But in the days to follow the farmer was so mad he tried to steal the cow back. He couldn’t find it though. Trylle was thoroughly puzzled by the turnout and hasn’t bothered to help humans since.

Feathers and lore,

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When we meet Siv in My Shy Dragon Wife she’s residing in one of the 13 troll kingdoms, and she learns a lot about their traditions. A world of magic, love and some of the hazards with intercultural communication.

Siv, an anxious soul with a past that still haunts her, leaves her Vanir people behind to find a fresh start in the Seventh Troll Kingdom. Adjusting to a life where she’s valued, not belittled, is challenging. Her quiet life at Alfrida’s cozy tavern is interrupted when Tyrgil, a determined man on a dangerous quest, strides into her world. What our shy heroine doesn’t expect is to be swept off her feet by the most enchanting man to ever waltz into the tavern.

Tyrgil, having left his farm under his brothers’ care, ventures into the Seventh Troll Kingdom on a quest from the Troll King himself to tackle a perilous beast issue. But when he meets Siv, he is thrown off course. His mother has been pestering him to find a wife, and honestly, he wouldn’t mind if only he could find someone kind-hearted who reciprocates his affections. Their growing connection is overshadowed by the mystery of the beast Tyrgil is hunting – a creature whose path strangely aligns with Siv’s.

My Shy Dragon Wife is the highly anticipated second book in the “My Dragon” series, written by bestselling author Anneli von Knorring. Follow their heartfelt journey filled with magical adventure and wholesome romance, accompanied by new enchanting characters. This story promises to whisk you away to a world of tender love and wonder.