‘I Suppose’ by Enchanted Duo [Lyrics/Art Video] ✨ Ambient Rock

➡️ We work with moments, and ‘I Suppose’ is such a precious moment, both songwise and videowise. Touching dream pop in this ambient rock love song, we had no idea filming underwater would give this dreamy experience, but we love it. Ever since Anneli was a little girl she’s loved mermaids and the way hair and water undulates in water. So, to her, filming something like this is a dream come true.

➡️ And keep looking, you don’t want to miss the big moment as we head into the third and final chorus!

➡️ This release also, in a way, celebrates that we met Marco Minnemann, the talented drummer we’re collaborating with, for the first time on 23rd of October when The Aristocrats played in Örebro, Sweden. Of course, Marco is doing the amazing drums on this track, all from the delicate rhythmical changes on the verses to the empowering fills on the solo. What’s not to love!


🏆 We’re not alone on our adventures, which is amazing. Thanks to all our backers and the phoenixes of the Enchanted Realm.

🏅 Special thanks to:

Mixing: Studio Underground
Master: Melo Deal
Drums: Marco Minnemann

Video editing: Anneli von Knorring

Changing the world as we know it,