The river Rúnhǫllinelfr

Every realm has streams and rivers, the Elemental Realm is no different. We have one large river intersecting the realm called Rúnhǫllinelfr.

Thinking to take a swim in it? I wouldn’t. The river might decide to keep you the way it’s kept many before. Its hands are as strong as its mind and not to be underestimated.

There are stories from ages ago about the river Rúnhǫllinelfr and how it swallowed enchantments from spells to create its own kind of magic. It’s said that Rúnhǫllinelfr reads your soul, and what exactly it is that makes it want to keep you no one knows. Some unlucky to have fallen into the water are spit out and said to never be quite themselves again. They keep hearing the song of the river, the rushing of the water and the whispers of its voice inside their minds for the rest of their lives. Like in the case of Dugr.

Dugr’s encounter with the river

Dugr, a raven-skinned like myself, has once noted down how he in flight in his raven form accidently flew into a thick tree branch and crashed into the streaming water of Rúnhǫllinelfr. He tried to get free from its water, but didn’t manage. He was pulled down and down, until the water bleed away and a great hall presented itself. A solemn voice called that, “He who enters these halls agrees to remain”. Dugr refused to enter and was released, but he couldn’t stand water after this. Just taking a bath was pure torture as he kept hearing the voice of the river every time water touched his skin.

So, a friendly advice is to keep to the bridges, and when you do cross Rúnhǫllinelfr, do so quickly.

Feathers and lore,

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