#2 in Prog’s Tracks of the Week 18/8

Great news friends, fae and followers! You helped us make a difference, and thanks to you our ‘Be the River’ ranked #2 in Prog’s Tracks of the Week 18/8.

So, you know who you are, thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
And congratulations to Nova Cascade!

How did all of this start?

Last Friday the weather held up, so we took the kids to a small beach nearby. Little frogs were out and about, and the kids built a frog island for them. Planted tufts of grass and herbs in the sand to create little hiding places.


Three or four hours passed easily. On our way home Nicko suddenly said, “Prog’s chief editor wants a band picture.” 

“Um, okay, why?” I wondered.

“I think it’s because I sent ‘Be the River’ to their Tracks of the Week. Perhaps they’re thinking of including it…” Nicko replied.

And Prog did. It’s been a crazy week, and I’m kind of glad we didn’t spend hours and hours on doing a pre-save and lavish launch of ‘Be the River’ because to have a sporting chance in this vote we needed to get to work informing our tribe to give us a helping hand.

What can I say, you guys have been amazing!
The vote ended today, and ‘Be the River’ ranks at 2nd place. It’s more than I ever thought possible. So, again, thank you, thank you! And thanks to Prog for including our wild child ‘Be the River’.

We get the question now and then if progressive rock really is our genre.

It’s fair to ask, our music doesn’t cooperate being stuffed into just one box. Overall, I suppose the umbrella genre would be ambient rock, and then some songs, like ‘Be the River’ is more down the road of progressive than some of the others. Our ambition in making music is to make music we love, music from our hearts. 

Let’s follow the heart,

Here’s ‘Be the River’ again. Enjoy the mountains and the moors from Sweden!

And here’s Nova Cascade’s ‘Sleeping Dogs’ for the curious:

Here’s the link to the vote and a podcast for progressive music that featured ‘Be the River’:

‘Be the River’ also featured in this week: