#1 When I’m only thought

Black feathers, and a croak that’s heard for miles. I’m not aware of time when I fly. Endlessness and eternity breathe the existence – and all I am is thought.

My ancestors did many good things, and they praised knowledge – it’s still what we trade. Knowledge is power – and us ravens, we serve the realm by scouting and noting it down.
Still, my forefather’s never saw the darkness on the horizon – our downfall and curse. For many centuries I’ve been only thought – and so has my sisters and brothers, my people.

I’m too old to bother with who’s to blame – I’m back and I want to live. When I requested the position as scout and ambassador King Metnadin was surprised. Few ravens are eager to return to their bird shape after what happened.

And me? I both hate it and love it.

I love to fly – this sense of being free.

Anneli and Nicko asked me if I wanted to share pieces from my adventures in the Elemental Realm and I accepted. I’ll try my best to open up my raven mind to you.

Feathers and lore,
There’s much, much more,