#2 Where I grew up

I’m restless when I’m here, back in the little town of Ravnea, and the raven kingdom, that I suppose will always be home. I’m observing the folks that do call this home, and I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t feel the same. Where I find Ravnea a quint, little town, the shops satisfactory and the company interesting – I still feel restless and a sense of not belonging.

I envy Queen Venla – and for those of you who don’t know, she’s the Queen of Ravnea – she just all of a sudden one day belonged. Forvitri is convinced it’s because her name means ‘to belong’ – and maybe that is her spiritual aspect. She certainly inspires many to feel the same. But as you might have guessed – not me. This too inspired me to search elsewhere, to travel the realm.

I look around. This is the old house where I grew up. The enchantments have kept most of the things intact from how it was the day my family became ravens. My family. Well, don’t misunderstand. I never bonded with anyone, and I have no children – unlike Forvitri. Mother and father had taken my twin sister Undr to visit old acquaintances when it happened – when we all became ravens for an unforeseeable future. They never came back though – not even as ravens. I looked for them – back then when I was only thought – but unsuccessfully.

Many times, I have wished that I remembered where they said they would fly that day, but my mind remains blank. Whenever I’m back here, I wander around the house looking for clues. I open books and close them again. I search the deepest corners of drawers and cupboards – but they all remain as I remembered them from last time.

I guess it’s my house now, but I think of it as ours – and it will be ours again when they return, or when I find them. At times I’m angry that they haven’t come back, but I know many kingdoms suffer after the ancient wars and the erection of the veil. Even if the raven curse happened long after. Perhaps they are trapped somewhere – in one of the kingdoms that need help?

I haven’t even told Forvitri about this – and a part of me is afraid that she will discourage me. Maybe it’s the same part of myself that too thinks this is pointless. That I’m too late.

If I’ve learnt one thing, then it’s this.

Nothing’s ever pointless. It’s a process. It might seem dark at times, but there is always hope.

Feathers and lore,
There’s much, much more,