Grape Flowers

Grape flowers. Summer. Summer reflections.

Summer, here in the Northern Hemisphere, is a time of intense light, extremely long days and bright nights, since the sun drops just behind the horizon to almost immediately turn and rise again.

It can be very stressful, and it almost feels as if the body is in a fight with this bright, explosive season – which perhaps generates an even more pronounced need to find ways to slow the running mind. To find stillness in the midst of this flurry of life. To discover ways to chill; ways to re-connect with oneself and with nature.

I love observing, and noting down my observations of nature and its miniature realms – finding the perfect words, likenesses – pondering how these little miracles reflect the passing events of my own reality. It’s a way to hold on to a fleeting moment, encapsulating it – existing in that moment without rushing on and missing a small but rewarding epiphany.

Nature writing, I suppose it’s called.

Grape flowers1_800w
Grape flowers3_800w
Grape flowers4_800w
Grape flowers2_800w
They were floating the kids puddle pool. Clustering into beautiful formations. I just knew I wanted to do something with these pictures… and with the words that accompanied.

So, then Grape Flowers (the poetry collection) manifested itself, and many pages of summer reflections shaped and moulded into little nature poems.

Grape flowers.

Well, I’m not surprised if you’ve never thought about them. They’re tiny little wheels and quite hidden from sight, but if you look really close they kind of look like a miniature wallpaper from the 70s… or they did until I turned them into art 😉

And I know how they taste… because they fell on my tea. Tart. Could work as cake decoration too I think, or on food.

Since the poem “Grape flowers” was the first poem of these nature reflections it became the title poem, as well as the art for the book cover.

With love and grape flowers,

Tiny, tart wheels
Sprinkled on my tea.
A happy moment
Catches them soaking in the pool
Clustering like some natant, imaginary cousin.

Nature’s making art again,
Right before my eyes.
Just look around and see it too.

Tiny, tart wheels,
Grape flowers,
Sprinkled on my tea.

Grape Flowers

Grape Flowers is my new poetry collection, and it will soon be available in our shop and on Amazon.

Can’t wait to send these inspiring summer refelctions your way.

Available in our shop and on amazon 🍇🍇🍇