Fern fantasies

There’s a large flower bed just in front of our house, and since a large part of it is in the shade throughout the day, fern grows there – or rather fern loves growing there. And spreads – tries at least. In spring the fiddle sticks pop up and I always try to snatch a few to eat. During summer these leafy monsters practically explode – not as tall as me, but not far from… 

Then comes autumn. And yes, they can’t quite compete with maple trees in splendour, but they turn so many shades. Lovely milk greens, copper, vibrant yellow, one more dimmed, soft yellow. I love these colours! As if my eyes can’t stare at them long enough.

So, my mind got to work. First photographing and then puzzling on the computer – digital art as it’s called.

Here’s Fern fantasies. And I’m hoping to turn some of them into art prints in the shop. Which is your favourite?

Fern bunny_white2_800
Fern bunny_white1_800
Fern bunny_black2_800
Fern bunny_black_800

Fern bunnies


Fern butterflies

Fern jellies

Fern lamps

And Fern fish

Well, Fern fantasies.

Fern pieces4
Fern fantasy butterfly_1_800
Fern jelly_11_800
Fern jelly_10_800
Fern jelly_9_800
Fern and lamp fantasy_800
Fern fish_1900

Fern fantasies,